Courtesy of Hotel

image So I have been recovering from a cerebral leak, and not able to fly back to the states this summer for a long, very-long awaited vacay–I took a couple of weekend trips here and there in July, the first of “getting out and about”, but it was this trip to Portugal that we were all waiting on for months! We made the reservations back in April hoping and praying I would be well enough to go.  Turned out, I did have a physical relapse- bad headaches and then some back attacks! But I wasn’t going to let anything deter us. We decided to make it in two trips so I wouldn’t be sitting longer than 3 hours in the car and stopped in Sevilla for a night. My husband made reservations in one of the hotels an old friend of his owned. When we got there we had a nice little surprise waiting for us: “Orange Wine”. Oh nooooooo. Red was my fave but, what the heck was orange wine?  I am trying so hard to abstain for me to recover completely My husband poured a glass commenting on how yummy it was; okay he didn’t say yummy, I don’t remember what he said in Spanish, all I knew is I wanted so desperately to taste it! I didn’t think it would be this rough. I had forgotten just how much I loved travel and wine tasting. Any liquor really, there’s something about travel that suddenly made alcohol so exotic and appealing, ( the big fat deception) why couldn’t I ever truly enjoy a vacay without the bubbly? This was going to be harder than I thought. I did all I could to ignore it, get the wifi code, listen to some fave hymns, and put on some makeup as we were preparing to go out for dinner. Suddenly a huge wave of nausea came over me and a banging headache and I had to lie down.  This tends to happen when I am up right for over two hours and it had been going on for four. I figured I wouldn’t make it to dinner and I was right. I lay face down dizzy and sickly and told the fam to go on without me. Some time passed and my eyes caught Orange wine again. “Vino ‘Naranja” is a type of white wine macerated with orange peel. It’s very popular in the region of Sevilla, though being I haven’t visited down here in 20 years it’s understandable I never heard of the stuff. So I poked it. I prodded,  I took photos of the dang display (thinking ahead of time of a possible post, …why of course writing about this will surely keep me from the temptation) Then I sniffed. Smelled like sherry. I can’t stand sherry. Oh Thank God. I don’t care too much for white wine either, but what if it was red? What would I have done? I’m left here alone and feeling the tug again? But I am náuseas and not feeling well, a good sign. I won’t be torn. It catches my eye again and I pick it up, “what a cute little bottle” ; I pretend to admire the label just to get in close, suddenly it’s uncorked! 😮 A sniffle again and then the unthinkable…. No, I didn’t pour a glass, nor sip from the bottle, but wet my finger and let it touch the tongue!  You know, really? I knew I didn’t like it from the smell, why in the world? Just to go and test myself then?  Ok fine kudos to me for gettin by, ‘all’s well that ends well’ then I suppose. Not a good move. Grace. UPDATE: I later caved. :o. Three days later I had a beer with dinner and a cocktail after drink. Don’t know what comes over me– but so happy to say I was  elated I controlled in moderation. I got a bit sleepy and went to bed. Grace.